Free Website for JC Hispaniola foundation
November 1, 2014

Free Advertising for your website

It is true that having a website is now essential thing for any company that wants to remain competitive. However it is not always easy to budget for marketing and advertising. That said, this does not mean that we should not know that you have a website for your business. Your website is a great asset and you should definitely make sure that as many people are aware that you have one.

It is possible to become known inexpensively. Here are some ways you can make your website and ensure that people gradually begin to visit the visit.

Here are some very simple and free means:

Word of mouth

Word of mouth has existed since the time of times, and remains by far the most effective way to spread the news. Indeed, it is free, and requires no separate efforts to inform the people around you first.

Who should you inform?

Relatives and friends are the people who appreciate you and spread the news with pleasure to help you to progress. You can do this by callers on the phone or sending an email, or even through your Facebook profile.
Co-workers can also be a good source for you to know. They could even be your first customers.
If you are already in business, existing customers must imperatively beings informed that you now have your own website for the company. This website can be a new source of information. Very important when you refer, they can directly send new visitors to your website.

Profiles on social networks

Social networks are the means used by millions of businesses to make themselves known. Ps It is always easy to navigate among all these social media. The main ones are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+
It is not necessarily appropriate to open an account on these social media, however, a good starting point would be to have a Facebook page for your business and invite your Facebook friends to follow this page.

The Free directories

There are thousands of online business directories. Many of them are free. A good practice would be to register your company and its website in these directories that target your area and even better your industry.

Free classifieds

The sites free classifieds are highly visited sites. By placing an ad by taking care to indicate your website can be one more way to increase your visibility free.

There are still many other ways to know that you have a website for your business. Failing to put a budget for advertising and marketing, you can start by the various means mentioned in this article. Remember that a website is very useful on condition that the visit.